Take Advantage Of Salesforce Automation To Streamline Processes

Are you creating efficiencies in your business, or simply creating busy work for your staff? Requiring manual CRM and sales tracking updates can zap employee productivity.   

As the leading CRM and selling solution for organizations of all sizes, Salesforce is an extremely flexible and extensible platform — providing organizations with options for customizing the platform to meet the unique needs of their staff. This also means that you have near-unlimited options for Salesforce automation that can reduce manual entries, speed the sales process, and improve consistency in your processes. Even with all of this agility, many organizations struggle to take full advantage of the automation capabilities that are inherent within Salesforce simply due to the complexity involved in mapping processes and building automation. Fortunately, the team at Spade Technology can come alongside your business and technology leaders to help craft solutions that will help manage more leads, boost sales team performance and optimize internal processes.

Salesforce Automation

Leverage Salesforce Automation To Reduce Manual Processes

The business of selling is only scalable with a measure of automation added into the mix, which is one of the reasons that Salesforce automation is so incredibly powerful. These tools can take the best practices of a stellar sales team and amplify them — creating engaging interactions with prospects that encourage them to quickly become customers. Some of the options for Salesforce automation include:

  • Contact engagement and history — offering your sales and service teams a comprehensive view of interactions with prospects and customers
  • Lead management — creating the ideal path for prospects, ushering them through the knowledge and communication required during the pre-sales phase
  • Task management — reduce redundancies and improve efficiency by automating routine tasks and routing requests to the right person automatically
  • Collaboration — don’t risk letting a great prospect getaway: collaborate with team members in real-time to solve problems and provide solutions

Creating advanced solutions for your business does require time, thought, and focus, components that can be challenging for busy teams. Having the outside view of a team from Spade Technology helps identify synergies within your process and find creative solutions to your workflow challenges.

Salesforce is an extremely powerful tool that includes the framework for advanced automation — but you must be able to harness this power or you risk ending up with an overblown system full of confusing business rules. When you work with the Salesforce automation experts at Spade Technology, you can be confident that they will leverage years of experience working with organizations of all sizes to take full advantage of the tools and technology to create efficient and streamlined operations for your business. Contact Spade Technology at (508) 339-5163 or fill out our quick online form to see why we are the right solution for your New England business automation needs.