Proactively Assess Cloud Readiness Before Taking The Migration Plunge

Having the funds and interest isn’t enough to evaluate whether your enterprise is truly cloud-ready. Boost your success rate with in-depth analysis before shifting business models to the cloud. 

There’s little question that cloud technologies have fundamentally transformed the way business is transacted throughout the world. From infrastructure to marketing, customer service to data storage — the cloud readiness of your organization may define whether you can compete in today’s ever-changing environment. Cloud solutions may allow your enterprise to become more nimble, integrating more quickly with new solutions, driving faster upgrades and providing a more secure infrastructure for your organization. Working through these solutions without a true sense of your cloud readiness, however, could prove to be an opportunity for disaster.

Cloud Readiness

Are You Ready For A Full-Scale Cloud Migration?

Testing your cloud readiness doesn’t involve going down a checklist of items that you need to have in place. Rather, it’s a comprehensive approach to change management within your organization as well as reviewing the software and hardware solutions that you currently have in place. Is your application portfolio one that can be shifted with relative ease, or are there some solutions that simply won’t mesh well with newer cloud-based software or data storage solutions? Maintaining a high level of cybersecurity is also a vital component of your cloud readiness. At the highest level, your cloud readiness depends upon whether you have:

  • The basic skills and staff available to drive execution
  • Adequate funding levels available for project success
  • Time available to create a cohesive cloud solution
  • Executive and management focus on the importance of making the shift
  • A prioritized list of cloud projects and their projected impact on the organization

Without these components in place, it’s unlikely that your business would see the expected ROI from a large-scale cloud initiative.

Cloud Readiness Drives Your Ability To Execute

If your technology and business partners are not fully aligned around the need to shift operations to the cloud, it’s vital that these conversations occur before attempting large-scale migration projects. Selling the value proposition starts with a firm understanding of the goals of each project, defining the desired outcomes and the resources that you have available. Aligning people, process,es and technology around these goals and ensuring that key stakeholders have an appropriate tolerance for change can often best be accomplished by working with your strategic partners at Spade Technology. Starting these projects is not difficult, but being able to execute on time and on budget can be extremely challenging if senior leadership is not in alignment with the organization.

Maintaining current operations while making a significant change to your business model is always a challenge, which is why organizations often turn to external knowledge leaders for support and expertise. The professionals at Spade Technology create strategic partnerships with organizations to analyze cloud readiness, ensuring that IT decision-makers fully understand the projects that will provide the greatest benefit for their business. Contact Spade Technology at (508) 339-5163 to see how we leverage reliable cloud solutions to transform your business, increase efficiencies and improve workplace culture — providing you with the processes and tools needed to win new business opportunities.