You’re not alone… Look, we totally get it. We also prefer the finer things in life and we’re selective about the partnerships we make, too. When it comes to technology support, you not only deserve, but expect VIP treatment that involves:

  • Incredibly fast response times
  • Enterprise-grade tools, technologies, and processes
  • More predictable outcomes
  • Recommendations based on metrics – not a “gut feeling”
  • A relationship that’s in a class of its own

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Are you the right fit?

Like we said, we’re also selective about the partnerships we make. Why? Because if we’re selective, we can focus our efforts on providing exceptional, rather than mediocre, service to a small, select group of businesses that value great service, great people, and great partnerships. We deliver the VIP treatment – but only to those who are the right fit:


You’re willing to invest in the success of your business


You’re willing to spend time discussing strategy with us on a regular basis


You’re willing to work with us to align your business goals with your technology strategy

We’re only taking a limited number of new client appointments this upcoming month on an invite-only basis.
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Why does Spade Technology limit the number of assessments we do for businesses in Boston, Providence, Nashua and New England? Because we have to make sure every potential client aligns with our core values.

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