Make Crystal Clear Connections With Advanced Business Telephone Systems

Are your staff and customers struggling with poor call quality or inflexible telecommunication systems? Upgrading your phone system can boost collaboration and improve the customer experience.  

Maintaining a positive relationship between internal teams in the same building is challenging enough. Still, when you add remote workers and vendors, and external clients to the mix, your enterprise business telephone systems can get a workout. Telephony has shifted from a more traditional PBX model that required sizeable upfront investments and ongoing fine-tuning to the much more extensible internet-based phone systems. While email and chat are still an important part of your staff’s daily schedule, phone calls are often the fastest collaboration and customer support option.

Business Telephone Services In Boston

Quick And Convenient Collaboration

Today’s workforce is no longer centered around a physical location, making distance-based collaboration a critical component of a successful telecommunications strategy. A more distributed workforce requires more convenient options for collaboration, such as video-based chat, shared workspaces, and more. With enterprise business telephone systems, you can be confident that your teams can work together securely without the frustrations caused by aging technology. Customers appreciate that they can receive rapid responses to their requests while reducing the back-and-forth limbo that can be bypassed through additional communication options such as secure chat and voicemail-to-email solutions.

Benefits Of Enterprise Business Telephone Systems

The average amount of time that people are willing to wait to receive a response continues to drop as individuals become accustomed to near-instant methods of communication. Some older enterprise business telephone systems may not provide a way to access the right individual quickly. From confusing phone trees to an inability to reprogram telephone handsets fluidly, even a few years of age can make a significant difference in the call quality and features available to support your enterprise.

Quickly Refine Communications With Flexible PBX Alternatives

Traditional systems are often highly structured and require time and resources to add or remove staff members. With updated VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems, making changes to your configurations often happens behind the scenes based on pre-defined business logic instead of manual effort for each new or moving staff member. Changing workflows for specific teams becomes easier, allowing business units to have greater control over their customer-facing personas and customer support experience.

When your clients and vendors are confident that they can collaborate with your team, all of your operations flow more smoothly. Business communications have advanced dramatically in the past several years, making it vital to review your current telecommunications infrastructure and ensure that you have robust and secure solutions in place to support future growth. Contact the experts at Spade Technology, as they have the knowledge and experience needed to provide both telecommunications strategy and implementation of an enterprise business telephone system.