Co-Managed IT Services In New England

In the current highly volatile IT environment, managing the complexity of IT networks, system requirements, cybersecurity, and compliance requirements can stretch your internal IT team thin. If you are currently overwhelmed by the IT needs of your business, going for a co-managed IT service can be the most effective solution. Co-managed IT service is designed to complement your internal IT team by providing tools, skills, and support that your in-house staff lacks. This blog provides all information on co-managed IT services and why it is an attractive option for businesses today.

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What Is a Co-Managed IT Service?

A co-managed IT is a managed service where outside IT experts complement your own staff in a partnership arrangement rather than a full outsourcing arrangement. In a nutshell, a co-managed IT service is a shared responsibility model that allows your internal IT team to work closely with external staff that provides adequate support to meet your technical and operational requirements. The model enables organizations to blend their internal IT team with the expertise, knowledge, and support of outside experts. Ideally, the outside team works behind the scene while allowing you to hog all the credit for any achievements realized.

When to Consider Co-Managed IT Services

There are several instances when a co-managed IT service makes more sense for a business.

These include:

  • When your team is small or overworked: If your IT department is small, an increase in demand for IT solutions causes disruption and leads to an overwhelmed staff. Routine changes like staff on vacation and new projects ultimately stretch your IT team thin. Although you can hire additional staff, this option is time-consuming and costly. There is also an acute shortage of IT professionals currently, meaning hiring and retaining the right talent is a challenge. The best option is to go for a co-managed IT service that allows you to supplement your in-house IT team.
  • You are taking on new projects: Taking on new projects is part of your business growth. However, new projects come with new IT demands, which ultimately stress your overstretched resources. A co-managed IT service can help bridge the gap by seamlessly providing the technologies, experience, and knowledge you need to implement new projects.
  • An existing knowledge gap: Even with the most talented or experienced in-house IT team, some tasks or projects can prove too complex for their skill set or training. In such scenarios, seeking the help of an outside party with specialized knowledge and experience can help fill the skill gap so your internal team can accomplish newer and more demanding projects.

The Benefits of Co-Managed IT Services

A co-managed IT service offers several cost and operational benefits that can help fill the existing gaps in your in-house IT team.

Here are some of the advantages of a co-managed IT model:

Reliable 24x7x365 Support

Unlike your in-house team that works the standard 8 to 5 shifts, a co-managed service provides support outside of normal business hours. With a co-managed IT service, you get continuous support from a team of IT experts leveraging the latest technologies to remotely monitor your systems and ensure they are working optimally without any disruption. This means any issues that occur are resolved quickly and effectively before they impact negatively on your business. Without sufficient monitoring, it is easy for network issues to happen during off-hours when your internal team is off duty. In such scenarios, problems won’t be discovered until the next day, when they may have already caused significant damages. A co-managed IT team monitors your system and takes instant corrective action as soon as an issue occurs.

Helps Maximize Your IT Staff

The ability to stay focused on your core business is one of the biggest benefits of a co-managed service. A co-managed service can handle routine maintenance and troubleshooting tasks for your internal IT team to focus on more high-value projects. The additional support ensures your internal IT team won’t stop on major projects to resolve small emergencies that could occur.

Access to Affordable Expertise and Experience

One of the greatest benefits of a co-managed IT service is that you get immediate support from a team with top-notch qualifications, training, certifications, and experience specific to your industry. With a co-managed IT service, you only pay for the IT services you use, meaning you get access to top-notch IT experts at a fraction of the cost of finding and recruiting an in-house team with a similar skill set. Additionally, when you partner with a co-managed service, your business also gains access to the newest technology on the market.

Better Cybersecurity

In the current evolving cybersecurity landscape, having the support of highly skilled and experienced cybersecurity experts can help reduce the risks of cyberattacks. Co-managed IT services come with the latest technologies, tools, and security strategies that adequately protect your IT environment from cybercriminals.

Implement New Technologies Quickly

For a business to implement new technologies, they must hire the right skills, train them and provide adequate support. This is not only time-consuming, but it is also quite costly. A co-managed IT service has already invested in the right tools and skills to help you implement new technologies quickly and efficiently, so you save a lot of time and money.

What Services Are Included in Co-Managed IT Solutions?

Co-managed IT services provide a range of solutions designed to support and complement your in-house team. These include:

  • Performance monitoring and reporting
  • Network provisioning or virtualization
  • 24×7 monitoring and management
  • Cybersecurity support services
  • 24×7 remote help desk support
  • Suggesting and implementing software patches
  • Cloud migration and support

Get Help from a Reliable Co-Managed Service Provider

Managing your IT infrastructure often consumes a lot of time and resources that you would have used to improve your bottom line. The co-managed model offers several benefits for businesses that need to improve their efficiency, optimize productivity and achieve business growth cost-effectively.

At Spade Technology, we provide reliable co-managed services designed to enhance your existing IT team and take away the burdensome responsibilities they don’t have the time or skill sets to execute. Our highly skilled and experienced IT experts leverage the latest technologies to provide a range of highly customized IT support services, including network testing and monitoring, 24/7 help desk technical support, installations and upgrades, cloud migration and management, network security, and risk mitigation, and more.

Ours co-managed IT services combine your existing IT team with Spade Technology professionals so you can access a single comprehensive and effective IT solution. Contact us today to learn more about our Co-managed IT services and request a quote.