Slash IT Downtime Costs With Proactive Business Continuity Strategies

Can your business sustain an extended loss of infrastructure, software or data access? Without adequate planning, customer frustration, loss of productivity and direct costs can quickly derail even the most solid corporation.  

Establishing a workable business continuity strategy requires a great deal of support at all levels of the organization, from executives to area managers and beyond. Without a high level of executive engagement, it may be difficult to ensure that you have the necessary support to define a plan of attack that will allow you to implement a functional program — starting with identifying gaps, legal and regulatory requirements, personnel and services and more. The potential of lost productivity and sales are a strong incentive to invest time and energy in outlining your business continuity strategies and ensuring that they are updated on a regular basis as your business needs change. The experts at Spade Technology work with enterprises and large corporations to ensure you have the right tools and processes in place to protect your organization from business continuity risk.

Business Continuity Solutions

Developing Proactive Business Continuity Strategies

Identifying the needs of your organization requires a complete risk assessment that provides you with a roadmap for success as you continue to build out your business continuity strategies. Seeing exactly how long your operations can be sustained without particular facets of your technology infrastructure can help define priorities and timelines for bringing systems back online in the event of an incident. Working through each of these stages will allow you to develop your business impact analysis, which allows you to determine acceptable risk and how to manage unacceptable risks to your business.

Constructing Policies . . . And Contingency Plans

It would be nearly impossible to create policies and procedures to handle every potential business outage, which is why contingency plans are such a vital component of any business continuity planning. Everything from disaster recovery steps to redundancies should be clearly delineated, tested and implemented to be sure they are working as anticipated. Once in place, your business continuity strategy should be regularly reviewed and updated to account for ongoing changes to the business environment and to handle evolving threats.

Creating a robust infrastructure for your business is only the first step towards consistent operations. You also need to know that your data and business solutions are resilient enough to withstand even the harshest challenges from hackers, malware or even natural disasters that can cause downtime. Defining business continuity strategies that will fuel your ongoing business growth and protect long-term revenue requires a commitment to introducing exceptional tools and standards of excellence, and professionals at Spade Technology are well-equipped to support New England corporations of all sizes. Contact our team of business continuity and disaster recovery experts at (508) 339-5163 or fill out our quick online form to schedule your no-obligation consultation.