Receive Expert Business Guidance From Talented Business Technology Analysts

Are your IT projects running behind and over-budget? You might need the assistance of one of the hottest new stars in the IT world.   

Nearly every technology project hits a snag at some point. Whether the issue lies with users who were unclear about their needs or with programmers that took a little creative license with the requirements, the outcome is the same: solutions that don’t exactly meet the needs of the business. Depending on the situation, you might find that software or hardware needs to be significantly retooled or slightly tweaked — both of which cost time and money in already-tight budgets. With IT time at a premium and users continually looking on to the next project, you need dedicated business technology analysts working throughout the project to add consistency and create a clear path of communication between users and developers if you want to minimize the risk to the organization. Fortunately, the business technology analysts at Spade Technology have deep experience translating the most complex business needs into clear and consistent requirements for development.

Business Technology Analysts

Creating Consistent And Repeatable Processes

Business technology analysts excel at diving deep into complex transactions and teasing out the true business needs and then capturing that information. Process improvements, process documentation and timelines — these are all well-defined and orderly concepts that business technology analysts utilize on a daily basis. Adding this additional level of rigor to your projects — even if you already have a formal project manager — may be exactly what you need to help bring extended projects back in line and moving swiftly. Creating repeatable processes reduces the overall time to delivery, creates a more open flow of communication and also limits the confusion that can happen due to a lack of clarity around technical requirements.

How Business Technology Analysts Add Value

Think of a business technology analyst as a translator: someone who has a deep understanding of the business and is able to transform those business requirements into technical requirements documentation that provides step-by-step notes on the deliverables. It’s important to note that business analysts are rarely developers; instead, these individuals understand what can be accomplished in the IT realm without knowing the exact steps required to get there. These multi-faceted individuals are able to interpret requirements and ensure that system and data integrity are maintained throughout projects, ultimately improving project efficiency and boosting business value.

Maintaining project integrity isn’t a job for the faint of heart, but business technology analysts are willing to take on the challenge. See the difference it makes when you have a dedicated analyst on your team, helping ensure that you stay on target in terms of deliverables and ensuring that business needs are being adequately met — and the technology accepted by users. These senior-level problem solvers are critical as organizations face increasingly complex issues. Find out how a business analyst from Spade Technology can help transform your next business project, driving success metrics and ensuring your project gains acceptance with users by calling (508) 339-5163. You can always request a free initial consultation online or through our interactive chat.