Drive Operational Efficiency Improvements

Operational efficiency doesn’t happen overnight — it takes planning and precision to achieve effective change. Technology might be the most underutilized tool in your arsenal.  

Are your employees fully engaged with your business — or frustrated and coasting through their days? You might be surprised to learn that a lack of staff engagement can stem from sub-par tools such as slow networks, inefficient workflows and frustrating support procedures. Providing access to technology and information that your employees need to be successful can significantly boost their commitment to excellence . . . as well as improve the overall results of your business over time. Fortunately, Spade Technology has over a decade of experience leveraging innovative technology solutions to drive efficiency improvements at an enterprise scale.

Process Improvement

Prioritizing Efficiency Improvements To Enhance The Employee Experience

When your staff members are waiting over a minute to access time-critical information such as customer order details or are forced to flip between various platforms to perform daily tasks, it doesn’t take long for frustration levels to grow. Employees will eventually find workarounds for the preferred method of doing business — but these solutions do not always provide a high degree of security for sensitive customer information. Saving customer information to desktops or thumb drives to transfer between devices, emailing large files, and sharing account access are all risky behaviors in today’s reality where cybercriminals are increasingly aggressive in their attacks. Streamlining daily tasks and creating a more cohesive employee experience not only enhances efficiency improvements and boosts customer appreciation, but it might also save your business from a serious cybersecurity breach.

Take Advantage Of Technology Solutions For Automation And Analytics

Are there repetitive tasks that your professionals are performing on a regular basis? Efficiency improvements can often be gained by automating these tasks, particularly the ones where having a human perform the tasks is adding no real value for your customers or your business. It doesn’t require advanced analytics or multi-year projects to define areas in your business that can be streamlined, but analytics can help prioritize your efforts. Measuring the effort required to perform particular tasks along with the effort involved in automation allows you to appropriately prioritize technology projects in a way that results in the best ROI for your investments.

Working through automation, project workflow and other operational projects can be a time-consuming task, and one that is often de-prioritized within an organization. Working with an external IT services partner allows you to take advantage of best practices from other organizations while also extending your resources for execution. Our partners have learned first-hand how the experts at Spade Technology are able to leverage information technology solutions to increase efficiencies, improve workplace culture and win new business. Contact the Spade Technology team at (508) 339-5163 to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation and see how our reliable compliance expertise helps boost productivity and achieve operational excellence.