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Our Process

Our unique web design process allows us to create exactly what you desire!

During our web design process, we’ll create your site design demo(s) based on your requirements and specifications. This includes design review meetings, as well as several rounds of modifications. The design you select will then be implemented into a search engine friendly, ContentWerks™ integrated, database driven infrastructure.

Once the infrastructure is complete, your content will be integrated into your new website, then our quality control team will test each component of the website for compatibility, consistency, and accuracy. Upon passing our quality assurance test and receiving your approval, the new site is launched on our highly redundant hosting platform. The entire process will involve the following steps:

  1. Analyze: We’ll research your industry and peers to establish high-level objectives and create the initial project plan.
  2. Define: We’ll refine the project goals and business objectives to make sure we’re on the right track.
  3. Design: We’ll design all page layouts, feature descriptions, functionality, and processes.
  4. Develop: We’ll build the site on our SEO friendly ContentWerks™ CMS platform.
  5. Test: We’ll test all the features and functions on the website during our quality assurance phase.
  6. Implement: We’ll put the website into production to complete the development process.
  7. Maintain: We’ll provide web traffic reporting, continuous search engine optimization, and content updates as needed.

Spade Technology: Taking care of all your web design needs to help you meet all of your business objectives.

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