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Systems Virtualization

Simplify your IT and reduce your cost of ownership!

Turn to Spade Technology for systems virtualization!

The more your business grows, the more you rely on technology. The more you rely on technology, the more complicated it becomes. And the more complicated technology becomes, the more expensive it gets. It’s a vicious cycle. But there’s a simple solution to help simplify your IT and see improved performance, reduced cost of ownership, and eliminated problems: Virtualization.

Turn to Spade Technology and our partners, VMware and Microsoft HyperV, for virtual systems that replace hardware with systems running on a single device. You’ll see amazing benefits, such as:

  • Consolidated hardware needs – eliminating many up-front costs of your IT.
  • Run all applications, programs, and services within one machine – virtually eliminating upfront/ongoing hardware costs.
  • Easily transferred workloads between machines – reducing your overall labor expense.
  • Launch pre-optimized server templates – decreasing setup time and associated labor costs.
  • Flexible scaling options as your business grows – customize your service needs without having to buy new equipment.
  • Create sandbox environments for your developers – eliminates service disruption by working within a testing environment.
  • Launch virtual workstations that employees can access from anywhere – to increase productivity.

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