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Software License Management: Why It Matters

Software License Management

Software license management (SLM) is undeniably one of the most vital functions performed by IT teams. In the past, most aspects of IT management were focused on physical IT infrastructures like endpoint devices and servers. However, the advent of Software as a Service has made software a critical and pervasive component of every industry deserving first management priority. This blog looks into the importance of software license management and how an MSP like Spade Technology can help you manage your software licenses.

What Is Software License Management?

Software license management refers to the processes and tools that organizations leverage to control and document the software products the business uses to ensure compliance with the developer’s software license. Ideally, a software license provides contractual guidelines and rules on how software may be used and how to compensate the provider. SLM is crucial to guarantee your business operates in compliance with every important enterprise license and end-user license agreement (EULA). Every EULA specifies the following:

  • Number of licenses purchased
  • How do the licenses you are buying translate into allowed installations
  • What to do should your consumer licenses exceed the purchased number

Ideal SLM tracks all this information while delivering critical elements that can help you prevent non-compliance with your software licenses and avoid associated hefty fines. Essentially, an SLM gives you transparency into your business’s software assets, usage licenses, and contracts to gain better visibility on the type of software your enterprise is using, how much it is being used, where it is being used, and by whom.

Why Does SLM Matter?

Today more and more businesses are turning to technology to achieve operational efficiencies, improve productivity and cut costs. The right technology for your business ensures greater visibility into your operations, improved cybersecurity, and better ROI on your IT ecosystem. Software license management is a crucial aspect of IT asset management that helps businesses maximize the benefits that modern tech offers. The following are the other key benefits of software license management:

Cost Management

Software is typically prone to over provisioning and purchase of additional licenses, which often go unused. The right SLM solution provides better visibility into how your business is using the software. This can help you manage your IT costs effectively by eliminating typical issues such as over provisioning or purchasing extra licenses that lie idle. In a nutshell, the right SLM solution helps your business align the number of licenses you purchase with the actual number that your business needs.

Better Compliance 

SLM keeps your business compliant with applicable laws, standards, and established guidelines regarding software usage. In a nutshell, the right SLM solution ensures that the software your business is using is compliant with the licenses from the providers. If a device in your company is using unlicensed software or not adhering to the guidelines provided by the EULA, you run the risk of hefty fines and other legal issues. You can avoid these risks by deploying an appropriate SLM solution that guarantees your business stays compliant.

Better Cybersecurity

Today many organizations are battling an increased threat from cybercriminals. Experts reveal cyberattacks have gone up 600% due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Using rogue software and other older software with out-of-date security features provides cybercriminals with many opportunities to carry out substantial attacks. An effective SLM helps improve your organization’s cybersecurity posture by identifying, minimizing, or eliminating rogue, unauthorized, or vulnerable software from your IT environment.

Greater Transparency and Audit Protection

In today’s hybrid work environment, you need a handy tool that helps you understand better how your remote teams are utilizing company assets. Practicing SLM is an excellent way for businesses to understand all the licenses being leveraged across teams and how each specific software is being leveraged. During software audit, you will have all the information and data needed to assess risk and remain compliant.

Increased Productivity

Taking a manual approach to software license monitoring is not only a time-consuming process but also a costly and error-prone one. Automating this method through an ideal SLM solution eliminates mundane administrative activities, thus freeing your resources and IT teams to focus on higher-value tasks.

Spade Technology Can Help with Your SLM

As your business grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of all the software you use. The more roles you hire, the more the functions needed for the software to carry out to meet the needs of each additional role. You can leave your software license management to Spade Technology experts so your team can focus on other projects that have a direct impact on your bottom line. Our highly experienced SLM experts are ready to help inventory, organize and optimize your organization’s software license through the following best practices:

  • Define software management policy: Every company and business should define and implement a license management policy covering all software licenses supported and approved. Our team will help develop a custom software management policy covering all the software used while indicating the versions and supported platforms. The ideal policy also indicates the software expiration date and the procedure to be followed once a license expires.
  • Aligning SLM with SAM: Ideally, software license management is closely affiliated with software assets management. While SLM ensures licenses are not over or underused, SAM focuses on the solution as a whole, including cost, deployment, and functionality throughout the entire lifecycle. Our team will centralize SLM and SAM, so you gain better visibility into Entitlement, Inventory, and Consumption (EIC).
  • Audit and produce an inventory of all licenses: We will periodically audit all installed software and create a list with their respective usage level. This helps your IT team avail underused licenses to other users and eliminate the unnecessary purchase of new licenses.
  • Uninstall old applications: Our team will review your software portfolios routinely and uninstalls unused or redundant applications. This helps save you licensing costs, improve functionality and optimize your workforce’s productivity.
  • Perform integral checks: We will perform regular checks and compare licenses to installed software to help you demonstrate audit compliance. Our team leverages cutting-edge automation tools and license monitoring systems to produce software usage metering reports that reveal underused or overused licenses.

Get Professional Help Manage Your SLM

Implementing a robust software license management strategy helps improve staff productivity, create resources savings, and protect your business from steep fines due to non-compliance. Unfortunately, some companies overlook this critical area due to the increasing complexity of license monitoring. Don’t wait to react when external audits occur. The IT team at Spade Technology is ready to help with your SLM activities, so you save costs, optimize efficiency, and stay compliant. Get in touch with us today to learn more.