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You can no longer simply install some anti-virus software on your computer and feel safe. Cybercrime grows worse every year and many business networks are already compromised! Is your sensitive data safe? You must know exactly where you’re vulnerable, then strengthen your defenses to stay safe.

Most networks have vulnerabilities like 3rd party applications that need patching or improperly configured firewalls – to say nothing of risks associated with using mobile devices! Turn to Spade Technology for a complete vulnerability and risk assessment to let you rest easy knowing your IT can’t be used against you:

  • Analysis of existing security products and policies to find vulnerabilities that cybercriminals will exploit.
  • Penetration tests to discover weaknesses using the same methods advanced hackers will use to breach your network.
  • Network-wide assessments to eliminate devices that contain exploitable hardware that’s impossible to protect.
  • Business process assessments to ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations.
  • Creation of a custom protection policy to safeguard against data breaches and vulnerabilities caused by misinformed employees.
  • Initial & ongoing training on safe computing practices to eliminate mistakes that create vulnerabilities within your network.

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