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Pay Equity: A Brief Look at the Bill

A brief look at the Pay Equity Bill.

The Pay Equity Bill was amended to remove an outdated definition of the word “Woman.” Many employers and employees may have no knowledge of what it entails and what it means for gender equality in the workforce, so we’re going to briefly go over the bill and how it can operate. Here’s a brief overview of the Pay Equity Bill.

Pay Equity

What the Pay Equity Bill Entails

This bill covers comparable work and working conditions, and it rules that:

  • An employer cannot discriminate in any way on the basis of gender. This encompasses benefits, payment of wages, or salary less than rates paid to employees of a different gender for comparable work. In addition, the variations of wages (which include benefits or other compensation) cannot be prohibited if they’re based upon a system that rewards seniority, merit, commission, geographic location, or travel with or for the employer. If time is spent on leave due to protected medical, family, or parental leave, the employee’s seniority status isn’t reduced during the leave. If an employer is paying a wage differential in these circumstances, they are in violation of the section.

Violations of the Pay Equity Bill

The violations are detailed within the Pay Equity Bill. For instance, action to recover liability can be maintained in any court (of competent jurisdiction) by at least one or more employee on behalf of other employees or on their own behalf. Other details include:

  • Any agreement that is made between an employee and employer to work for less is not a defense to proceed action.
  • The employee’s previous salary or wage history cannot be a defense as a call to action.
  • The court, in addition to judgment to the plaintiff’s award, can award the reasonable attorneys’ fees (paid by the defendant) and price of the action.
  • An attorney general can bring an action when collecting compensation, benefits, or wages on behalf of the employees/employee. This can also include reasonable attorneys’ fees, cost of action, and other damages.

Considering the information above, the pay equity bill is a gigantic leap forward for gender equality in the workforce. Whenever it comes to current events, Spade Technology is the trusted choice when it comes to staying ahead of the latest information technology tips, tricks, and news. Contact us at (508) 332-4849 or send us an email at for more information.