Ken Beausoleil, Business Development

I came to Spade Technology after working at larger companies over the years. I had found the size and structure of Spade to be a good fit and a nice change in culture. I can appreciate that small businesses are limited with what they can do given their size and available resources, and require strong support from their partners to get the most value. I knew I would enjoy telling that story.

I really enjoy meeting new prospective clients; listening to the issues they are trying to address, learning more about what makes their business unique, and helping them understand how Spade can help them overcome their challenges by changing the way they view good support.

My favorite stories are of those clients who originally didn’t want to meet with us because they thought things couldn’t get any better. It’s satisfying to hear accolades from them touting how we’ve made them better.

Outside of work, I love riding my mountain bike, staying fit, and continuously developing my personal skills. I also like good craft beer and go out of my way to find it. When I’m not on the job, you can find me hanging out with my son or in the local trails on my mountain bike.