Ken McGrail, Business Development

After a long career in radio broadcasting, I felt ready for a change. In 2004, I began to pursue a career in sales – which is how I met Myles Keough. I was so impressed with Myles’ vision for Spade and knew I wanted to be a big part of bringing that vision to life. So I left my telephone sales job behind and came on board. I haven’t looked back since.

I love the size and sense of connection that I feel working here at Spade. I’ve always believed in hard work, but, at the same time, it’s so important to feel a real connection with your team. I get that and more at Spade. This career lets me balance exploring how I can serve our clients with ensuring I remain true to my family and take care of their needs. I don’t think I could find this balance anywhere else.

If you’re looking to understand what YOU get out of working with our team, I’m the one with the answers. I’ll help you explore our service options and find the ones that best fit your business culture.

I used to be known as “the nicest guy on the radio.” These days I’m still the nice voice our clients hear, but I’m putting my voice to work to help Spade grow.