Jim Froio, VP Services

I came to Spade Technology after — for the first time in my 30+ year successful IT career — I had experienced being laid off. I worked for a large MSP and due to my office being closed and my role being moved offshore I was let go. I thought about what type of opportunity I wanted to seek and realized I was most happy during the many years I worked for a small/mid-sized MSP. I set my sights on MSPs of this type that were successful and had been around for a significant amount of time yet gave the ‘feel’ of a startup. I found the ‘VP, Services’ at Spade Technology job description and felt it dovetailed extremely well with my experiences and career aspirations. I was also intrigued by the unique roles Spade offered – Virtual CIO (vCIO) and Proactive Network Administrator (PNA). I interviewed with Myles, Jill and many others at Spade and was fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to join the Spade team.

I am a relatively new member of the Spade team and the first thing that impressed me was how much everyone from Myles on down helped me get acclimated. There is a strong feeling of team here and despite your role, you chip in wherever you’re needed.

Over the years, I have always liked hearing “Jim is my go-to guy when I need something fixed.” I have simultaneously worked as a leader, technical resource and client services manager on many complex, high-visibility issues. The key is keeping constant communication with my client, pulling the right co-workers together and collaborating with them on a focused resolution.

Outside of work, I am an avid gardener, hockey enthusiast, big fan of Steely Dan and Rush as well as a horror movie/book buff. I’m sure I talk about these topics way too much. When I’m not working, you can find me tending to my vegetable gardens, torturing myself on the golf course or spending time in Old Orchid Beach, Maine with my family in the summer. During the winter, you’ll find me watching hockey and catching up on my reading.