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IT Support for Manufacturing Firms

IT problems distracting you from focusing on selling your product and connecting with customers?

Choose Spade Technology for reliable IT support for manufacturing firms like yours!

Life is busy enough for people in the manufacturing industry without having to worry about IT. Competition is fiercer than ever, you’re dealing with offshore firms looking to outsell you at every turn, and you need to wow your customers at every opportunity so they recognize the real value you’re offering. To do this, you need your IT to keep the wheels of your firm running so you can make those sales and keep profits high.

That’s why you need an IT company that knows your industry and has the expertise and professionalism to anticipate your needs. You need Spade Technology. We’ll help you cut down on IT overhead, eliminate expensive and wasteful downtime, and focus on using IT to mobilize your salesforce, automate operations, and improve how you get work done so you can focus on delivering the best product possible.

  • Receive all your support and services at one flat-rate monthly fee, making IT budgeting simple and predictable while giving you exactly what you need.
  • Consult with us on spending your IT budget on the right technology for your needs, goals, and objectives so you’re never wasting money.
  • Rely on our staff’s experience and expertise with your CRM and ERP systems, including Sage software, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicore, Global Shop, SalesForce, Act and more.
  • Count on responsive support from our team of help desk professionals to deal with any IT issues, questions, or concerns that may arise.
  • Backup all your important data and create a disaster recovery plan so you can quickly resume operations even during the worst disaster.
  • Use mobile devices so you and your staff can access important applications and records on the go – especially when out making sales.
  • Secure valuable data from cybercrime with comprehensive security solutions like firewalls to block intrusion, malware protection, and secure WIFI access.

Spade Technology: Connecting your manufacturing firm to your technology.

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