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IT Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Caring for your patients is a big job – and it means more than taking care of their physical health!

You need to safeguard their protected health information as well!

Spade Technology specializes in providing IT solutions for healthcare organizations. Did you know healthcare organizations make up an average 40% of all cybercrime targets throughout New England? Cybercriminals often target healthcare organizations looking for confidential patient information, but we’re here to make sure the right IT is in place to protect your patients’ privacy and help you serve them better!

  • Perform a complete risk assessment to make sure you’re in compliance with regulations, including HIPAA and HITECH.
  • Safeguard against unauthorized access to your confidential data through comprehensive network security services.
  • Provide guidance on technology planning and budgeting to help you adopt EHR technology to qualify for Meaningful Use Stage 2.
  • Create a business continuity plan that keeps you ready to recover data and applications while ensuring you can easily get back to work.
  • Respond quickly via remote or onsite support so you can always remain productive as we’ll address questions, concerns, and issues fast.

Spade Technology: Connecting your healthcare organization to your technology.

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