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IT Services for Financial Services Firms

You deserve the most proactive IT services for financial services firms in New England!

Spade Technology specializes in helping you comply with regulations like FISMA and PCI while automating tasks and improving access to data.

Back when other industries were first starting to venture into the world of computers, accountants and other financial services firms were embracing the power of IT to improve operations and better serve their clients. You’re already ahead of the game in how you put technology to work for your business. Are you ready to take it to the next step?

The key to really getting the best return on your IT investment is to kill two birds with one stone: Comply with regulations you face like PCI, FISMA, and Sarbanes Oxley, and streamline daily operations so work gets done faster and you’re better able to serve your clients. That’s what Spade Technology’s IT services for financial firms are all about: Getting you everything you need from IT from a single, simple source.

  • Comprehensive security for your workstations, servers, and mobile devices, so your clients’ data stays safe and you stay compliant with regulations like PCI and FISMA.
  • Automatic backup and disaster recovery services so you and your staff can easily access important data and stay operational during disaster.
  • 24/7 support from our Help Desk, so you have assistance with any IT issues you face at any time, especially when you’re busy during tax season.
  • Expertise on the financial software you use every day, including Microsoft Dynamics, ATX, QuickBooks, CCH Pro Systems, Peachtree and more.
  • Mobilized access for your data so you and your staff can work at home or on the go as easily as in the office without sacrificing confidentiality.
  • Reduced technology overhead with predictable fixed monthly costs – protect your IT budget from spikes that can put you in the red.

Spade Technology: Connecting your financial services firm to your technology.

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