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IT Services for Biotech Firms

You want to focus on your research and avoid technology disruptions.

Spade Technology understands that – and we have the expertise to make it happen.

As you provide critical research and create new and innovative solutions for your clients, you can’t allow anything to distract you. The biotech industry relies heavily on IT to make daily operations run, but you can’t afford to waste time fighting with that IT when you should be concentrating on your research. Turn to the experts at Spade Technology to take the burden of IT off your shoulders.

The Spade Technology team is your Technology Partner – specializing in IT services for biotech firms. We’ll anticipate your needs, ensure easy and constant access to your data, and keep IT issues from bogging you down, so you can focus on your work.

  • Reduce your IT overhead and keep costs controlled with a reliable IT infrastructure designed to YOUR unique specifications.
  • Secure your important data from unauthorized access with a suite of reliable IT security, including wireless protection for your mobile devices.
  • Rely on a suite of enhanced communication systems including business-grade phone systems and email, to keep you connected to clients.
  • Turn to us to manage your important databases and ensure easy access to critical data at all times from all locations.
  • Maintain high performance and transmission speeds so your data streams are never slowed down.
  • Backup all your important data to the cloud so it’s never lost, and you can ensure business continuity even during the worst disaster.
  • Contact our team by phone, email, or online, for assistance with any IT issue you or your staff face.
  • Consolidate all your IT support and services into a flat-rate monthly plan that keeps costs predictable and ensures you’re never without support.

Spade Technology: Connecting your biotech firm to your technology.

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