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Worried about the ever-increasing risk of cyber attack?

Don’t become the next victim of cybercrime!

Cybercrime is becoming a bigger problem than ever before. Pick up the nearest newspaper and you’ll find story after story about big corporations hit by data breaches – all due to cybercriminals looking to make a buck or wreak havoc. Every business is at risk for cyber attack. In fact, small businesses are more likely to become targets because cybercriminals expect you don’t have the right defenses to stop them.

Spade Technology offers complete IT security to protect your valuable data:

  • Properly configured hardware based firewalls to block unauthorized access without slowing down your browsing speeds.
  • Anti-virus protection and live monitoring that is regularly updated to make sure you’re one step ahead of new threats.
  • Wireless network protection to ensure unauthorized users cannot access company data from your WIFI connection.
  • Mobile device protection so you can access business data on smartphones and tablets without fear.
  • 24/7 network monitoring to detect viruses or intrusion – we watch your traffic in case any changes compromise your security.
  • Spam and website filtering to block unwanted websites and suspicious emails that could contain viruses.
  • Education on safe computing practices so you and your staff members don’t accidentally cause a data breach.

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