Align your technology to your real business needs to see a real return on your IT investments!

The team at Spade Technology goes above and beyond providing IT support or selling you products.

We help you understand the vital relationship between your technology and your business, and find out how to save money, improve daily operations, and support your staff using the right IT for your needs. Get started with IT consulting that takes your company to the next level!

Technology Partner Solution: Create a plan with an outsourced CIO to truly connect your business to your technology!

  • Treat our team as an extension of your business, aligning your IT investments to your real business needs

Cloud Consulting: Discover what the cloud can do to help your business!

  • Get past all the hype about the cloud and find out how to use the right cloud solutions for your needs to save money and go mobile

Vulnerability and Risk Assessments: Discover weaknesses in your IT defenses and ensure you won’t be caught surprised by disaster!

  • Analyze your existing IT to eliminate vulnerabilities that could cause data breaches or simply slow down your productivity

Spade Technology: Connecting your business to your technology.

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