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IT Consulting for Startup Ventures

Naturally, you want to make sure your new business venture is successful.

Spade Technology knows exactly what you need when it comes to IT!

Taking the plunge to start up a new business venture is both thrilling and terrifying. We know! We were once a tiny start-up ourselves. So we understand how much effort and work goes into every part of getting that business running, and how you need to account for every penny and make sure it’s spent properly. Your IT should make that new venture easier, not harder.

That’s why you should turn to Spade Technology as your Technology Partner. We’re here to give you all the benefit of our experience and expertise so you spend your IT budget on the right technology for YOUR unique needs. Make sure you launch your new business without worrying about IT holding you back.

  • Access all your support and services at one flat-rate monthly fee, making IT budgeting simple and predictable.
  • Consult with us on spending your IT budget on the right technology for your needs, objectives, and goals.
  • Contact us anytime, anywhere, for assistance on any IT issue, question, or concern that may arise.
  • Eliminate wasteful IT expenses like unnecessary hardware by using modern technologies like virtualization.
  • Mobilize your business with cloud systems so you can work in an office, at home, or out at the local coffee shop.
  • Access reliable and secure communications like business-class phone systems and flexible email, without breaking your budget.
  • Keep your important data backed up so you can quickly resume operations and keep working even during the worst disaster.

Spade Technology: Connecting your start-up venture to your technology.

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