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IT Consulting for Insurance Agencies

You’re always looking for innovative ways to improve operational efficiency, build existing client loyalty, and successfully compete with the big guys in a challenging marketplace.

Spade Technology is here to help – we specialize in providing IT consulting for insurance agencies!

Do you use technology as a tool to get things done, or do you leverage technology strategically for the purpose of working faster and smarter? Spade Technology offers IT consulting that gives you true business value:

  • Safeguard data against cybercrime with comprehensive security solutions like firewalls to block intrusion, malware protection, and secure WIFI access.
  • Lower IT costs with one flat-rate monthly fee for all the support and services you need, making IT budgeting simple and predictable.
  • Provide responsive support as our team of help desk professionals will deal with any IT issues, questions, or concerns that may arise.
  • Keep your important data backed up and create a disaster recovery plan so you can quickly resume operations even during the worst disaster.
  • Enhance productivity amongst your staff by enabling your workforce to remotely access company data safely on any device via the cloud.

Spade Technology: Connecting your insurance agency to your technology.

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