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Is Your Android Device Secure?

Android Mobile Security

Did you know that Android devices are highly vulnerable to viruses?

Mobile Security

From locking your android smartphone with a pattern or pin to installing a security app, these tips will help keep your information secure and safe.

Android devices are the most susceptible to malware, most fragmented and least secure fresh out of the box.  Security should be your number one priority if you’re looking to use your android devices for business and want to ensure your personal data is properly safe and secured.  Follow these security tips to ensure your device is more secure and reliable.

  1. Make sure your device is upgraded – upgrading to Android 3.0 or later will provide security fixes and patches necessary to make the device less susceptible to damaging data loss.
  2. Put a lock on your lock screen – simple but necessary, anyone with a concern about Android security should put some lock screen protection on their device. Optional security measures are also available in the security submenu of settings.
  3. Do not connect to unsecured, unknown WiFi networks – using an outdated version of Android can be dangerous not having the sufficient security measures in place to protect your personal data from being victim to malicious attacks.
  4. Disable app downloads from unknown sources – fastest and easiest way to get infected from malware on an Android device is installing apps outside the Google Play Store. By default the check box is unchecked and disabled in the settings menu.
  5. Install a remote wipe/lock app – If an Android device is lost or stolen, it makes sense to have a way to wipe or lock it. There are apps on the Google Play that will do just that, reacting from a command via text or web interface.  Popular remote wipe and lock apps include Avast Mobile Security and Cerberus.
  6. Download an antimalware app – If you own an Android phone or tablet, we highly recommend you go to the Google Play store and download ESET Mobile Security & AntiVirus (free).

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