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How Can Hiring a vCIO Improve Your Company’s Efficiency?

If You Are Looking To Improve Your Company’s Efficiency, Consider Hiring A vCIO

Accenture’s Technology Vision 2019 Survey found that amongst over 6,500 business and information technology executives, 45% believed the pace of innovation within their companies had accelerated significantly over the past 3 years as a result of technological advancement. Almost every company is changing the way they operate with the help of digitization, whether it’s a welcome change or a forced change to keep up with market demand.

We’re entering the digital-first era wherein everything – from products to services to people – can be customized for better customer experiences. Nowadays, companies are expected to run on a digital level rather than relying on manual, paper-based processes. Consumers, partners, and vendors all expect this, but what’s next?

Companies Are Now Looking at Digital Transformation As a Critical Next Step

Now that companies are running on a digital level rather than relying on manual, paper-based processes, finding, and sharing information has become exponentially easier. Yet many companies still use their digital records in the same way as old, outdated methods. Digital transformation takes it one step further – asking the critical question: “What should technology help us accomplish that we weren’t able to before?” In many cases, it’s about taking advantage of powerful data analytics to make well-informed decisions on:

  • Processes
  • Procedures
  • People

When it comes to digital transformation, each department is scrutinized for avenues to automate, integrate, improve, and streamline – creating greater efficiency throughout the entire company, and ultimately, leaving you with a healthier bottom line.

How Does a vCIO Help You Find Untapped Potential?

As we head into the future of technology, businesses must be prepared to find untapped potential in terms of strategy and planning. Spade Technology assigns a Proactive Network Administrator to act as a vCIO for our clients. They gather the information necessary to develop a realistic plan that is truly aligned with the client’s unique organizational objectives. Think of us as small to midsize business consultants that happen to know a lot about information technology. Our vCIOs talk to you about the following:

  • Revenue streams
  • Growth plans
  • Major initiatives

Aside from taking care of the basics – from infrastructure management to data backup to onsite support and everything in between – our vCIOs spend time learning what impacts your profitability and expenses so we can make proper recommendations for success. We meet with you every quarter to review:

  • Your technology summary, which comes from a complete audit performed
  • Your technology roadmap, which is created as we learn more about your goals
  • Your technology budget, broken down per quarter to keep everything predictable

Naturally, your technology budget comes from the work we do managing your environment. We know your internet costs, licensing agreements, and all of the relevant information necessary to make sure you’re always aware of technology-related expenses coming up.

Get on the path towards digital transformation with a Spade Technology vCIO acting as your guide. Click here to get in touch with our representatives or call (508) 332-4849.