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Cyber Secure? Free Dark Web Scan for Boston Businesses

Boston Cyber Security Scan

A tech security company doing a Dark Web Scan can help catch a breach and get a solution fast if you have been secretly compromised. Have you checked?  

Spade Technology offers a FREE Dark Web Scan for all Boston business professionals.


If your company’s security was breached, would you know it?

The average company takes at least 6 months to find out a security breach occurred. During that time, cybercriminals can continue to attack the system and sell confidential information on the dark web. Through fraud, malware, phishing and other hacking schemes, cybercriminals will target your business to glean information they can use.

Your own social security number could be for sale right now for between $3-$45 on the dark web.

For every day the security breach goes unnoticed, cleanup gets more expensive. Not only is more data lost, but the data stolen is more likely to be listed and sold without protection. If you are able to catch the breach or sale of important information, you are better able to safeguard the data so a smaller negative impact is felt by the victim.

What is the Dark Web?

The majority of the internet is actually impossible to access through normal navigation. The dark web is used for good things, like keeping passwords secure or hiding medical information from anyone but the patient. But the dark web also holds a darker side of the internet where a lot of illegal business is done. From criminal content to the sale of stolen data, the dark web allows cybercriminals to operate with anonymity.

Data that is listed for sale in the dark web is usually only able to be accessed by certain people with certain equipment or software. The criminal sites want to only let in those who have an interest in purchasing the materials, so it can be difficult to even keep eyes on activity on these sites.

What is a Dark Web Scan?

In order to protect yourself, you will want to check regularly to make sure information from your business isn’t being leaked and sold. By scanning the dark web, a great IT company can keep an eye out for anything that might be coming from your company. If certain domain names or IP addresses pop up in the search of certain private sites, then flags go up for a potential breach. And a faster solution means the cleanup costs will be lower as well.

Attacks lasting longer than 200 days costs at least $4.56 million versus the average $3.34 million it would cost companies when the attack is under 200 days, according to a 2019 Ponemon cyber report.

Top 3 Cybersecurity Tips for Your Boston Business

In order to avoid costly errors and cyber damage, your IT security has to be a prime concern. Don’t take your tech security lightly. From training your employees on cybersecurity best practices to keeping updated software in place, businesses can do a lot to reduce the threat of a cyberattack.

Don’t open unexpected links or attachments. Even if it seems like it comes from a familiar source, train your employees to ask before opening any links or attachments they weren’t expecting (or logging into the site through their own navigation and not the link provided). Many malware and phishing emails seem urgent and seem to be from companies or employees your own company employees would trust.

Have a plan in place. Know what you will do if an attack does occur. How is your tech team going to respond and how quickly will they start working on a solution? How is data securely backed up in case of a virus, system crash or data loss.

Hire an expert. Even if you have an IT professional or team in-house, you can hire additional tech support to fill in the gaps. IT managed services can monitor your company and perform regular dark web scans, looking for any signs of breach. Your team can be on call 24-7 with a very fast emergency response time in case your company IT professionals need help. Outsourcing IT can also give you a great opportunity to get a security audit from a third pair of eyes to shore up any weak points.

Spade is offering Boston businesses a FREE Dark Web Scan today and throughout the month of October! Don’t wait. Schedule yours today by calling us at (508) 332-4849.