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An Engineering-Driven Company Looks to Spade Technology to Help Them Upgrade to an Enterprise-Class IT Environment

When an engineering-driven company with over 45 technical professionals was moving to a new facility, they needed an IT support company to help them keep up with their enormous data processing needs and upgrade their IT environment. That’s where Spade Technology came in: offering a full-range of outsourced information technology services to meet all of their requirements.

When companies transition from startups to mainstream businesses, they face significant information technology and data communication challenges as their needs outgrow the capabilities of their original IT environment.

The Situation: An Expanding Staff & Larger Facility That Mandated a Major Change in IT Strategy!

Their VP of Operations explained, “prior to moving into our new 25,000 sq. ft. facility, it was apparent that we would need to upgrade to a new and more standardized enterprise-class IT infrastructure. Since we didn’t have a full-time IT staff to do the work in-house, we chose to outsource the project to Spade Technology.”

He continued, “they had already been working with us to bring our rudimentary systems up to a higher level of performance, as well as to organize our data and make it more easily recoverable.”

The Solution: A More Robust IT Environment & Powerful Enterprise Software to Handle Their IT & Data Communication Challenges!

After assessing their IT environment, Spade Technology created a Technology Roadmap to document and define their recommended course of action, then performed a variety of tasks, including:

  • Implementing a redundant, fault tolerant IT network architecture to ensure maximum uptime
  • Constructing a dedicated server room with 5 server platforms
  • Stringing more than 60,000 feet of Ethernet and multimode fiber optic cables
  • Adding uninterruptible power supplies and surge protection
  • Migrating from a poor performing ISP to a solution that is five times faster
  • Deploying a new firewall & virtual private network solution
  • Installing a new switching hardware with a throughput of 48 million packs per second
  • Migrating from outdated Windows Server Operating Systems to the most current version including Active Director and Microsoft Exchange to enhance data processing, management and accessibility.
  • Developing a disaster recovery strategy using both local and offsite storage to further safeguard vital company information.
  • Deploying reliable anti-virus software to protect their systems and setting up a cost-effective centralized software license and asset management program to help them keep track of their software.

The Outcome: Responsive Technical Support & A Fully Integrated IT Environment That Works for Their Business!

Since working with Spade Technology, the engineering-driven company benefits from responsive technical support and a fully integrated IT infrastructure. Plus, Spade Technology sends some of their staff on-site regularly and performs remote systems management to keep their information systems secure and reliable.

Their VP of Operations offered some insight, “With Spade’s help, we have been able to create a fully Integrated IT infrastructure capable of meeting the needs of out staff, Sustaining our company’s growth, and incorporating sufficient checks and balances to safeguard our intellectual property. Spade tries hard to please, and overall we are quite satisfied with the level of support that they provide to us.”

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