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How to Get a Dark Web Scan for Your Company

Free Dark Web Scan for Boston Businesses

A free dark web scan will double-check criminal hacker sites to make sure your info isn’t compromised. If a breach has occurred, you need to react fast.  

Free Dark Web Scan

October Is Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is cybersecurity month and that should mean taking some extra time to focus on the cyber strength of your company.

Security breaches can be detrimental to businesses, no matter your size. When an attack occurs, your information or systems might be held for information or sold on the dark web. These attacks can last for hundreds of days and cause major disruptions. The cost to fix and clean up hacks or malware attacks can be in the millions. Fines, client compensation and loss of reputation can make these costs skyrocket further. The National Cyber Security Alliance reported 60% of small- and mid-sized companies go out of business within 6 months of a cyberattack.

To avoid threats and attacks as much as possible, you need an audit done by a third party. Scans can be done to watch for information that might be stolen and listed on the dark web. The preventative strategy of boosting cybersecurity, the foresight of planning for disaster and the attentiveness of scanning regularly will help minimize attacks and cyberthreats as much as possible.

What is the Dark Web?

For a variety of reasons, there are people who want to keep their online activity out of the mainstream and hard to find. The dark web (or darknet) makes it possible for individuals to remain anonymous. The common reason for being on the dark web is to hide illegal or unsavory activity.

The dark web is the layer of the internet that isn’t accessible through search engines or normal navigation. To access the dark web, you would have to use special software or configurations.

Why Would My Business Need Dark Web Scans?

One of the ways hackers attempt to make money is through stealing information and selling it on the dark web. If you have a security breach, you might have stolen information that is listed somewhere on the darknet. A dark web scan will search for any stolen information and may expose breaches that went unnoticed.

You cannot get back or delete information that has already been posted. The purpose of a darknet scan is to know about any threats as soon as possible. Finding your information has been compromised will mean faster reaction time for you, protective help for any compromised clients and faster reactions to breaches. Once you know a data breach has occurred, your tech support and emergency mitigation experts can spring into action.

A dark web scan is done by using your business’s IP addresses and email domains to detect information that is on problematic sites. This helps uncover information that came from your company is available on the dark web. The longer the breach, the more damage is done and the more expensive it is for companies to fix and clean up.

According to Ponemon, a cyberattack lasting over 200 days costs $4.56 million, while an attack under 200 days is $3.34 million on average.

The faster you are able to respond, the less the breach will cost your company. In some cases, companies don’t know their data was even compromised until well after the event. It’s always better to find out sooner rather than later, and definitely better to find out before your compromised clients do! You can’t be on top of things if you don’t even know they are happening. Every business should have dark web scans done regularly to catch any problems that might otherwise go unnoticed.

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Are you sure your data is safe? Would you even know if a breach occurred, or would you be left scrambling when sensitive data is published and client privacy compromised? Spade Technology is offering a FREE Dark Web Scan during the month of October as part of Cyber Awareness Month for Boston businesses. Call us today at (508) 332-4849.