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Cut Costs, Improve Efficiency, and Start Planning for the Future by Outsourcing Your IT Needs

$50,000: That’s the average salary of a low-level IT worker.

$150,000: That’s the average salary of a CIO.

An in-house IT solution isn’t cheap. Enterprises are able to put up with those costs, but SMBs often don’t have the budget to handle any more employees than they already have, and yet they have IT needs that absolutely must be addressed.

If only there was a better way…

Wait, there actually is a better way: with Spade Technology, you can outsource your IT services and get all the same benefits you’d get with an in-house IT department, all at a flat rate that’s much more affordable than the never-ending wages and benefits it takes to add new members to your staff.

  1. Outsource your maintenance

Those low-level workers that cost $50,000 a pop will take care of your IT needs that have to deal with your day-to-day operations… network security, equipment assessment, business continuity, cloud migration, etc.

Thankfully for your budget, Spade Technology will handle those responsibilities remotely, so there’s no longer a need for managing your own low-level IT workers. And if your Mansfield-based business has a problem that requires an on-site solution, we’ll hop in our van and be over to help ASAP. 

  1. Outsource your equipment

The workers themselves aren’t the only thing that can be replaced. Expensive to own and manage equipment can also be outsourced.

Owning your servers requires considerable upfront costs, and what’ll end up being even more expensive in the long run are the ongoing electricity and maintenance expenses required to keep those servers running.

Spade Technology will set you up with a cloud server instead: by remotely accessing someone else’s server instead of investing in your own equipment, you’ll get able to get rid of those upfront, electricity, and maintenance expenses in exchange for just a small access fee.

Want to learn more about the benefits of migrating to the cloud? Give us a call at (508) 332-4849 or send a message over to for more information about our cloud services.

  1. Outsource your consulting

Most SMBs don’t have much wiggle room in their budget. It’s hard enough just dealing with the day-to-day, they certainly don’t have the means to add the $150,000 salary required to add a CIO to their payroll and start planning for the future…

But with Spade Technology, you don’t have to put up six figures to get valuable consulting.

We know how to explain what technology can do without going into needlessly complication explanations. We speak in terms of business value that C-level execs can understand. Spade Technology wants to talk with your leadership about what your long-term goals are, and we’ll collaborate with you on how we can use technology to boost revenue and help you meet those goals.

Our expert consulting won’t cost you $150,000, not even close: it’s included in the same affordable flat rate that covers all of our other services.

Contact us at (508) 332-4849 or for more information about outsourcing your IT support.