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Have you been thinking about jumping into the cloud?

Discover what the cloud can do to help your business!

It’s easy to think that the cloud is just a bunch of hype. Many people rave about it, including IT professionals, but in all the talk about the cloud, one thing is often never addressed: what can the cloud actually DO for your business? The cloud is a tool like any other piece of IT, and it can be great for ANY business – so long as you know how to use it properly.

The team at Spade Technology are your cloud experts, and we’ll ensure you get answers to your questions about cloud services and discover how to get benefits like these:

  • Mobilized operations letting you work from any location – pick up right where you left off instantly upon logging in.
  • Eliminated upfront technology expenses with fixed-cost monthly pricing on a per user basis to match your needs/budget.
  • Improved collaboration within your team via easy file sharing and creating project based focus groups.
  • Improved disaster recovery as files and systems are automatically backed up and stored in secure data centers.
  • Reduced operating costs by lowering power consumption and eliminating costs associated with regular maintenance or support.

We’ll help you analyze your business needs and operations to determine:

  1. If you need cloud services at all, and,
  2. What kind of cloud services match your needs.

Then we’ll recommend services that match your budget and operations, so you see real results without major disruption

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