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Business IT Services Throughout New England

Looking for reliable business IT services in New England?

Choose Spade Technology – serving Boston, Nashua, and Providence!

Spade Technology, based out of Mansfield, MA, has been the go-to name in New England IT support services for 15 years. Our team goes above and beyond simple computer repair or reactive virus removal – we serve as your Technology Partner, an extension of your business to take care of everything related to IT. We provide support all across New England, in Eastern Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island:


For years, Spade Technology has been working with businesses all across Eastern Massachusetts as more than a computer fix-it company. We know companies like that are a-dime-a-dozen here, and as your business grows, you need an IT company that will help you really put IT to work.

Our Boston IT support services give you a true Technology Partner – someone you can trust to make IT WORK.


Are you tired of working with Nashua IT companies that don’t seem to get your real needs? We know that, when it comes to IT, businesses across New Hampshire are looking for really simple things:

  • Someone to answer the phone when you call
  • Proactive support that STOPS IT problems before they start
  • Expert work from professionals that you know you can trust


Every time our team visits a client in Providence, we’re always astounded to see how fast they’re growing. Businesses here know how to succeed – they seize every opportunity to make that vital connection with clients and customers, and they treat every business asset as something vital to invest in for real results.

They know that IT is more than a tool to use email or save documents – they know it’s a way to save time, get work done faster, and truly pursue their business goals.

Spade Technology: Connecting your business to your technology.

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