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Backups and Business Continuity

Keep operations flowing even during the worst disaster!

Make sure you have a business continuity plan in place – before disaster strikes.

When you hear the word “disaster,” you probably think of floods or fires; however, disaster is anything that slows or stops you from getting work done:

  • Natural disasters that destroy equipment or stop employees workflow
  • Cybercrime that damages networks or holds data hostage
  • Unexpected mishaps like surprise power outages
  • Human errors like accidentally deleted files or spilled cups of coffee

And every minute you lose to disaster means time wasted, money lost, and reputation damaged. Make sure you’re able to keep working, no matter what the future holds by preparing a business continuity plan. Contact Spade Technology at (508) 332-4849 or 

We help you create a business continuity plan to focus on fast and simple recovery in the face of disaster:

  • Create policies and procedures for your staff to follow when disaster strikes.
  • Automatic daily backups of operating systems, files, and applications.
  • Local onsite backups so you can restore quickly in times of emergency.
  • Cloud-based offsite backups in case your onsite equipment is damaged.
  • Instantly restore critical machines with virtual copies of your systems.
  • Regular testing of all backup systems to guarantee they are ready to be used.

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