Spade Technology: Blog

Bob Borges, vCIO

Prior to my arrival at Spade, I had worked in Information Technology for nearly 25 years. Most of that time was working with small and mid-sized businesses, helping them employ the right technology to help them meet their business goals and bring the most return on value. I’ve always enjoyed taking care of clients and making them understand that we really do care about them and their systems. Part of this is by helping them choose the best technology solutions, and part of this is by treating their systems and users like they are part of my company.

The best part of Spade is the team environment. Everyone really cares about the clients, and is always willing to come together to help on a project or issue, and make sure the customer is in a position for success.

I am excited about new technologies, especially when they can solve real problems. I have always been a perpetual student, and encourage others to do the same whenever possible. When I’m not blogging, I’m often leading a technology user group, or speaking at a technology event.