Bill Germino, vCIO

1. How did you arrive at Spade?

By chance I came across a posting for a “Sr. Business Consultant,” which had an intriguing description of responsibilities, especially the appeal of working with small businesses.  At the time, it was more of an opportunity for future consideration as the need at Spade increased.  Once we determined there was mutual interest, we stayed in touch and waited for the need to materialize.  Nearly twelve months passed before it did, but because we had maintained contact over that time we proceeded in earnest.

2. What’s the best thing about working at Spade?

The people!  It’s a team of passionate, competent, and high-energy people who want to provide the best possible experience for our clients.

3. What’s the one problem you are best at solving for your clients?

Helping customer choose the right technology for their needs.  Each company has their own unique set of people, challenges, budgets, and decision-making processes, and all that needs to be considered when helping select the best technology tool.  These decisions are made continually during the life of a business and they can have significant impact on operations.  Choosing well is critical!

What do your ideal clients say about you?

My ideal client would say they would never know that I served any other clients.

4. What are you most passionate about professionally?

Making a difference in the lives of our clients, which means anticipating their needs, applying sound and innovative solutions, and ultimately helping them serve their customers better.

What most excites you about the work and the contribution you can make?

Learning about businesses, their history, and their future plans, which are usually very fascinating.  Our clients often have the indelible markings of the ideas and ambitions of their founders.  It’s inspiring to see how they’ve built a successful company and are working toward a better tomorrow.

5. What are you passionate about personally?

I am most passionate about my family, faith, friends, and good health.

What do you really enjoy?

I enjoy watching and playing sports, including football, volleyball, softball, and soccer.  Also enjoy hobbies of photography and gardening, and fishing with my boys.

What can’t you stop talking about?

The Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, and Revolution.

6. What’s an accomplishment your most proud of?

Learning about and applying habits for healthier living.  Following the lead of some friends, I recently applied a new regiment for diet and exercise and was able to not only lose weight but completely reverse all the “elevated risk” medical factors I had developed over time.  Years of bad habits were brought under control within several months.  Next up is the effort to maintain it!

7. Can you think of a story that shows off why you enjoy working at Spade?

A client needed a new computer for a new employee starting.  We had put in an order for it a few weeks earlier only to find it was backordered because it was out of stock locally.  It put the entire process two weeks behind schedule and the client was notified.  When the client called and stated the urgency of having it in three days’ time, we had to make some accommodations.  The purchaser cancelled the backorder and found a different option to get it locally overnight.  Our network administrator spent extra time to get the configuration ready.  The support engineer rearranged his queue to have it built to spec upon arrival.  And I was able to hand deliver it on the third day.  While we don’t make a practice of exception management, it’s great to know team members are committed to making accommodations when circumstances dictate.

8. Do you have a favorite story about one of your clients?

One of our clients is a 10 person CPA firm.  Although small, they are very forward thinking.  They had a business challenge of taking hardcopy tax documents and efficiently and accurately inputting the information into their tax program.  Their solution was to implement an innovative combination of specialty scanning software, integrated with their tax program, and also large, elevated touchscreen monitors to greatly streamline and automate an otherwise very tedious and error-prone process.  It is a textbook case of applying technology to an ongoing operations challenge!

9. Where can we find you when you’re not working?

Watching or coaching my children’s sports teams, spending time with family and friends, organizing the “next” room in our house, or preparing and grilling dinner.