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Betsy Dasilva, Client Care Manager

I decided to join the team at Spade through a referral from one of my close friends, she really enjoyed working there, and thought I would be a great fit for an opportunity. I am most passionate about helping people. What excites me about working at Spade, is my ability to help our clients become more efficient in their work. When I help a client become more efficient, I know the positive effect extends far beyond that person. Knowing I am making a difference in some capacity is extremely rewarding.

I am most passionate about self-improvement and being the best version of myself. I enjoy spending time with my family, eating good food, social gatherings, fitness classes and shopping online. I cannot stop talking about my kids. I am most proud of raising two toddlers as a fulltime working mom (while also being able to maintain somewhat of a social life).

The personal relationships that I have built are evidence that I am helping make a positive impact. These relationships are why I enjoy coming to work at Spade every day.