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A Full-Service Certified Public Accounting Firm Trusts Spade Technology to Update Their Website & Rebuild Their IT Infrastructure

When a full-service certified public accounting firm was looking to make significant updates to their website, as well as build a cutting-edge IT environment to expand their CPA services and facilitate future growth, Spade Technology was able to provide the IT services and support necessary for them to meet their goals.

There’s one certain fact about information technology and the Internet: things change fast. For instance, consider the auditing and tax accounting profession, which must consistently keep pace with new accounting practices, revisions to state and federal tax codes, compliance regulations, information privacy guidelines, and client communication policies.

The Situation: A Need for More Sophisticated Information Systems & Internet Technologies to Keep Them Connected!

As the full-service certified public accounting firm supports clients from a wide range of industries and operates out of offices in Boston, Worcester, and Portland, Maine, their information systems must be sophisticated and reliable to keep them connected.

A partner of the full-service certified public accounting firm explained, “One of our key differentiators is our focus on businesses and individuals who require a higher level of service and expertise than typically found in other CPA firms. Supporting such a clientele requires us to use the most sophisticated information systems and Internet technologies available.”

The Solution: An Updated Website & Rebuilt IT Infrastructure That Supports Their Rapid Growth!

Spade Technology assessed their IT environment and website, then started to make changes, including:

  1. Updating their website – handling all of the development and deployment work and helping the firm migrate to a new Internet Service Provider (ISP) for more connection reliability and speed.
  2. Rebuilding their IT infrastructure – identifying areas that need enhancement, including network infrastructure, server platforms, applications, disaster recovery, virus protection, and much, much more.

A partner explained, “our website needed significant updating to make it more cutting edge in its look, feel, and content. We were so impressed with Spade’s efforts that we also asked them to do a top-to-bottom study of our entire computer networking system, which we had outgrown and which, as a result, was running too slowly and experiencing too much downtime.”

The Outcome: More Reliable Network Infrastructure & System Improvements to Make Everything Run Faster with Maximum Uptime!

Since working with Spade Technology, the full-service certified public accounting firm has noticed significant benefits. A partner expressed his appreciation, “Spade made all of the major enhancements in about two months, and since then, has continued to provide a combination of on-site and remote support for the website and network.”

He continued, “all of the network infrastructure and system improvements have put us well ahead of the curve compared to most accounting firms. Everything works better and faster, downtime is practically non-existent. We’re well position to move to a state-of-the-art paperless audit system and set up a highly secure wireless office to further enhance the efficiency of our staff. Most importantly, we’re comfortable with Spade – we look at them as our partner in IT.”

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