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Have You Started On Your 2020 Technology Plan?

Your 2020 Technology Plan Essentials

New Year’s resolutions are a bit of a punchline these days. We all say that this year will be the year we finally commit to ‘X’, and make a plan we’ll see through to completion.

However, by the time February rolls around, we’ve already abandoned those plans – and our resolution along with them. This happens not only in our personal lives but in our business lives as well.

While we can’t promise that 2020 will be the year you finally keep your personal resolutions, we can all but guarantee that this will be the year you keep your IT resolutions – that is, if you actually start working on your technology plan.

Businesses Are Bad At Technology Planning

Despite the fact that 93% of surveyed businesses recognize that IT is strategically and operationally critical (Wakefield Research), very few are doing anything to properly plan their IT:

  • 66% find that the amount they’re budgeting towards IT isn’t enough to keep up with what they need from it.
  • 77% of those with less than 100 employees have found that their investments in IT are too limited
  • A third of those surveyed said that less than 10% of their strategic planning was about IT

What Should Your 2020 Technology Goals Be?

If developed effectively, your 2020 Technology Plan should achieve the following for you:

  • Unite your business plan, marketing strategies and sales targets.
  • Identify areas of inefficiency in daily business processes that can be supported by the right IT.
  • Help you budget accurately for your IT expenses, including new technology purchases as well as support.

Don’t Put Off Your IT Budget

With IT shifting from just another piece of equipment in the office to the core of operations and a key aspect of how you defend your business, you should designate it as a central part of your budget.

This also means that you must assess and clearly define how IT aligns with your business objectives to decide what you’ll need for the coming year(s).

Proper IT budgeting will help you lay a foundation for success for the future. Using the right IT solutions can help you:

  • Accelerate your business growth
  • Increase your operational effectiveness
  • Ensure optimal productivity from your employees
  • Overcome operational challenges
  • Increase collaboration and communication
  • And, most importantly, stay protected!

Spade Technology Will Help You Plan For 2020

IT planning doesn’t have to be a frustrating process. Our team will develop a strategic plan specifically for your company to make sure you’re investing in the right solutions to truly help you meet your overall objectives and exceed your goals, in order to reach new heights within your business.

Effective IT support in Mansfield MA should result in a wide range of benefits for any operation in any industry. Benefits include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Minimized downtime and disruptions
  • Increased and customized security measures
  • Enhanced time management
  • More effective communication
  • The best possible return on your IT investments

Keep in mind, IT strategy isn’t a one-time thing. We can work alongside your team to provide ongoing guidance, support, and services.

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