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Business IT Services Throughout New England

Looking for reliable business IT services in New England? Choose Spade Technology – serving Boston, Nashua, and Providence! Spade Technology, based out of Mansfield, MA, has been the go-to name in New England IT support services for 15 years. Our team goes above and beyond simple computer repair or reactive virus removal – we serve as […]

Business Phone Systems Boston

Discover a more reliable, cost-effective, and mobile alternative to traditional business phones! Spade Technology provides the business phone systems you need for seamless communications! There’s no business around that doesn’t rely on telephones as the center of their communications. Email is great, but nothing beats a phone call for making that important, intimate connection with […]

Systems Virtualization

Simplify your IT and reduce your cost of ownership! Turn to Spade Technology for systems virtualization! The more your business grows, the more you rely on technology. The more you rely on technology, the more complicated it becomes. And the more complicated technology becomes, the more expensive it gets. It’s a vicious cycle. But there’s a simple […]

Cloud Hosted Services

Looking to reduce cost of ownership for your IT? Start hosting systems in the cloud without headache or stress! Every business relies on a suite of applications to get work done. Maybe it’s your Office programs, maybe it’s practice management software, or a CRM system. Maybe it’s as simple as your email and your phones. But no […]

A Message from Myles Keough

It’s about thinking ahead and treating IT as an investment. A Message from Spade Technology CEO, Myles Keough “Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle […]

Microsoft Office 365 Boston

Get anytime, anywhere access to your most loved programs. Choose Microsoft Office 365 for greater flexibility and productivity! You probably already use Microsoft Office applications to get work done every day. Outlook for email, Word for documents, Excel for spreadsheets… MS Office has been the go-to name in productivity for so long. Office 365  moves […]

Backups and Business Continuity

Keep operations flowing even during the worst disaster! Make sure you have a business continuity plan in place – before disaster strikes. When you hear the word “disaster,” you probably think of floods or fires; however, disaster is anything that slows or stops you from getting work done: Natural disasters that destroy equipment or stop employees […]

IT Security Solutions Boston

Worried about the ever-increasing risk of cyber attack? Don’t become the next victim of cybercrime! Cybercrime is becoming a bigger problem than ever before. Pick up the nearest newspaper and you’ll find story after story about big corporations hit by data breaches – all due to cybercriminals looking to make a buck or wreak havoc. Every business […]

IT Support

We ask the right questions so we can tailor our support to your business needs.

Managed IT Services Boston

Get everything you need in IT support and services – without stress or hassle! Take advantage of a customized managed IT services plan! No business can do without IT – In fact, technology is integral to every company’s operations. Think of everything you rely on your IT for every day – communications, productivity, efficiency – […]

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